About Two Circles

Two Circles Aikido is a non-profitable organisation .and was founded in 2001 by John Edge Sensei.

Two Circles Aikido Dojo is a member of the Aikido Association International, headed by Stephen Tatsuo Toyoda Sensei, president of the Aikido Association of America and the Aikido Association International.

For more information on the A.A.A. and the A.A.I. go to our links page

We are a registered Member of the AIKIKAI FOUNDATION, AIKIDO WORLD HEADQUARTERS. Tokyo, Japan.

John started out with the BKAA in 1991, training with David Currie Sensei 7th Dan, in London, until Currie Sensei left for America in 2003

David Currie Sensei’s instructor was Ken Williams Sensei, the first ever Uk Dan Grade under Kenshiro Abbe Sensei

You can read about Kenshiro Abbe sensei and Ken Williams Sensei in our links section.

Although Currie Sensei was johns main instructor,he as trained with many other high ranked Sensei of good standing and still continues to do so.

John is now under the guidence of S.T.Toyoda Sensei and S. Rehrauer Sensei 6th Dan so hombu.

Two Circles aikido study traditional Aikido and non traditional..

Our classes teach students how to deal with attackers both standing or on the ground, therefore being an all-round defense system.

The first hour of a lesson usually consists of traditional Aikido techniques; in the second hour we let the students decide what kind of things they want to look at, sometimes they like to continue with kihon waza (basic practice), other times someone may have something specific they would like us to look at, and if the rest of the class is happy with that then that is what we do, sometimes we look at the Aiki-Jitsu side, which is based on martial strategies incorporating all kinds of strikes to either finish the conflict or to gain control of the attacker by either lock, throw or submission. The end of the class is utilized by having freestyle practice of some kind, covering possible real life situations i.e. dealing with a drunk to the extreme of a knowledgeable fighter.